Black Myth: Wukong gameplay trailer is a stealth recruiting ad

The epic Black Myth: Wukong gameplay trailer is already making waves, but it has a secret — it’s actually stealth recruiting ad for more developers to join Game Science Studio.

The trailer shows all sorts of wonderful action featuring Sun Wukong, a legendary hero from Chinese mythology. If you’re hoping to get this game soon, however, you may be in for a bit of a wait — Game Science Studio is badly in need of “expert” developers to continue working on the game.

“The direct reason [Game Science Studio released the Black Myth: Wukong gameplay trailer] is that the development team is quite short of people, especially experts,” read a machine-translated section of the FAQ on the game’s official website. “We are very eager for friends from the whole country and the whole world who are interested in high-quality action game development to join [Game Science Studio] and create this ascendant oriental magic world together.”

Indeed, there is a dynamic list of job openings at the bottom of the page — and it looks like Game Science Studio has some seriously important roles to fill. The job openings include:

  • UE4 Senior Graphics Engineer
  • UE4 Special Effects Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Game Planning (Literary Direction

Those seem like some pretty notable absences for an in-development game, so we may be waiting for quite a while before we can actually get our hands on it. For now, you can check out the Black Myth: Wukong gameplay trailer below and drool over the amazing graphics and action.