Marvel’s Avengers will require over 100GB of PS4 hard drive space

Marvel’s Avengers is going to be a sizeable game in terms of its scope, but it’ll also require a chonky amount of storage space, too. It’s been revealed that the upcoming superhero game will require a minimum of 90GB hard drive space, with an additional day one update requiring an estimated 18GB download.

Marvel’s Avengers‘ box was revealed in YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd’s unboxing video of its Earth’s Mightiest Edition, with it showing that the game requires a minimum of 90 GB hard drive space for its initial install of the physical copy of the game. On top of that, developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed that there will be an additional day one update, which is approximately 18GB in size.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the install itself will be 90GB. As with all PS4 games, the storage space the console needs for the initial install often doesn’t match up with the actual amount of space the game takes up on your hard drive. For instance, The Last of Us 2 required 100GB space but takes up 78.3GB after the download.

However, while the base Marvel’s Avengers game won’t be exactly 90GB, it will still be a sizable download. Factor in the additional day one patch and you’ve got a bonafide storage hog. Given that it’s an online multiplayer loot shooter, players should also expect a whole bunch of DLC coming down the pipeline in the near future. If you’re an Avengers fan who’s looking forward to getting your hands on the game, you’re going to have to do some cleaning up of your hard drive before you dive in.

Watch the unboxing video below:

Thank you to MP1ST for the tip.