Pokemon Masters EX’s unfortunate hashtag leads to disturbing memes

Pokemon Masters has officially changed its name just a few days after its one year anniversary. Naturally, this has lead to some popularity on social media along with an unintended side effect: the Pokemon Masters EX hashtag has resulted in some pretty weird memes.

Pokemon Masters EX is a free-to-play mobile game featuring a somewhat different battle system than we’re used to. Trainers engage in 3-on-3 battles and do their best to be the champion of the Pokemon Masters League on Pasio Island. Part of the game’s popularity has to do with seeing the return of classic trainers like Brock and Misty mixed in with newer characters to help you in your fights.

The developers have decided to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary by changing its name and subsequently leading to the Pokemon Masters EX hashtag on Twitter. Unfortunately, many people soon learned why capitalization is so important when they noticed the hashtag reads as #PokemonMasterSex.

Yes, the hashtag can be read as “Pokemon Masters EX” — but it can also be read as “Pokemon Master Sex,” leading to a torrent of memes pointing out the hilarity.

The ambiguous hashtag clearly demonstrates why capitalization is important. I suspect that #PokemonMastersEX might not have had as many people latch on to the alternative interpretation, but that’s not how things played out in the real world.


Unfortunately, this is the Internet, and not all of the Pokemon Masters EX hashtag memes floating around out there are entirely wholesome. In fact, some of them are downright weird or disturbing.

We’re not going to be sharing some of the more explicit examples here, but some of these reactions (and the terrible, terrible things I’ve seen with my own eyes) demonstrate that things are already getting pretty weird.

You can browse the Pokemon Masters EX hashtag for yourself to see some of this weirdness, but do keep in mind that much. If you’d like to get into this free-to-play game for yourself, you can play Pokemon Masters EX for free on Android via Google Play and on iOS via the App Store.