No Xbox Series X announcements will be made at Tokyo Game Show 2020

Xbox will have a presence at Tokyo Game Show 2020 and deliver a 50-minute presentation to viewers, though it has been confirmed that no Xbox Series X announcements will be made at the event. Despite Microsoft’s consoles notably struggling in the highly lucrative region, the company has decided to abstain from making any announcements related to its next-gen hardware at the show.

Xbox lowered followers’ expectations in a tweet explaining what it would feature at TGS 2020. This includes a celebration of Japanese game creators and games, updates coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and Minecraft community creativity, but no Xbox Series X news.

Considering that the Xbox Series X is set to launch later this year, many expected that Tokyo Game Show 2020 would be used as a platform to advertise the upcoming console to an eastern audience. However, it seems that Xbox is not taking this opportunity, with it focusing on developers and its community instead.

It’s a surprising move, especially considering there’s a whole bunch we still don’t know about the console — its price included — and TGS 2020 would seemingly be the perfect place to showcase the hardware to a Japanese audience. However, viewers should expect to receive no big Xbox reveals at the event, with the company looking to temper expectations.

The Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase 2020  event will take place on Thursday, September 24, at 3 AM PST/6 AM ET. The online show will be broadcast to viewers at home, though Xbox has specified its presentation will be Japanese-only.