Fall Guys ‘Big Yeetus’ hammer will start randomly appearing in games soon

Fall Guys has been a lot of fun, but we’re a few weeks away from Season 2 and some people might think the game is getting a little stale. You don’t have to worry, though. The Fall Guys Big Yeetus hammer will soon start randomly appearing in games to mix things up, and that might not be the only change that’s on the way.

Currently, the only true randomness in Fall Guys games is which games you get to play and the way that moving objects might affect the game. Aside from these two variables, each of the game’s various levels are largely similar. Mediatonic knows that this could make things a big stale and that’s why they’ve cooked up Big Yeetus to mix things up a bit.

The Fall Guys Big Yeetus hammer will be a new addition randomly appearing in levels. This is a gigantic version of the moving hammer traps in the game with one other critical change: it’s perfectly positioned to send players flying ahead in the level if they can position themselves correctly.

The addition of randomized obstacles will certainly help to keep the content fresh, and one keen-eyed player noted another change: the same video showing us the Fall Guys Big Yeetus hammer has apparently swapped in fruit in place of balls.

The Fall Guys Twitter has acknowledged this little secret, suggesting that this may be another randomized change coming to some games. The addition of randomized elements like this would surely mix things up much more in the future.

Now, let’s be fair, the Fall Guys Twitter is known for spicy memes and some crazy conspiracy theorists have made the absurd suggestion that our lord and savior Big Yeetus is not real. These rumors were quickly squashed by the game’s official Twitter account with a statement from Fall Guys Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh.

The reveal of the Fall Guys Big Yeetus hammer isn’t the only surprising thing announced today. Shortly before this announcement, Mediatonic made a rather strange request of the community by asking them to not report cheaters and to stop making videos showing hackers to keep the problem from getting worse.

We’ll still have to wait a few weeks for Season 2, but Mediatonic has shown that they’re not going to let Fall Guys languish with stale gameplay in the time until then. For now, all you can do is get ready for Big Yeetus to shake up your games sometime soon.