Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming, explained

Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming made a surprising debut following a Nintendo Direct Mini presentation today. Cloud gaming on the Switch begins with Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version — a special version of the game that has some important differences from its predecessor.

Nintendo has not been warm to the idea of cloud gaming. The company’s late CEO Satoru Iwata had once said that he doesn’t believe cloud gaming is the future. Seven years later, Nintendo has seemingly changed its mind with the debut of Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version, a game that is also coming to next-gen consoles. This game represents Nintendo’s first serious foray into cloud gaming and it will have some important differences compared to the games players have experienced.

How Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming works (and what you need)

Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming early gameplay

The first and most important thing to understand about Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming requires an Internet connection. Unlike most other Nintendo Switch games, the game is streamed from servers directly to your Nintendo Switch in realtime. The game will become unplayable should you lose your Internet connection or should the servers go offline.

Cloud gaming technology relies on many external factors outside of Nintendo’s control: the player’s Internet connection (and all of the involved peripherals such as the modem and router), the cloud gaming servers, and all of the transmission points between the server and the player. That is precisely why Nintendo is allowing players to experience the first few minutes of Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version for free.

Players can get Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version for free on the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo Switch Online is not required, but players must have an active Nintendo account. Once it’s downloaded, a trial version can be played and that has some limitations of its own.

The limitations of the Control cloud gaming free trial

Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming Connecting to cloud server

Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming has some limitations as one might expect — after all, this is a game that relies on relatively new technology, although game developers have gotten games like Gears of War and Halo to work with it. This is also Nintendo’s first serious venture into cloud gaming and that means the company may need time to work out the kinks.

Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming has two different game modes

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Gaming has two distinct game modes that players can use: “Demo Trial Enhanced Performance” and “Demo Trial Enhanced Graphics.” “Enhanced Performance” will give players a higher framerate and lower graphics, and “Enhanced Graphics” will give players a lower framerate with higher graphics. Certain consoles (such as the Nintendo Switch Lite) may be unable to play the Enhanced Performance mode.

The Control Nintendo Switch demo has a time limit

Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming trial has ended time ran out

Nintendo allows players to experience a demo to get a good understanding if the Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming works well for them. As with most demos, it has some limitations. To start, the player can’t even buy the game without having played the demo for at least five minutes. A prompt to open the eShop by pressing + & – will pop up once enough time has elapsed, allowing the player to actually purchase the game.

The Control Nintendo Switch demo has a limited number of plays

Control Nintendo Switch cloud gaming no more play sessions

In addition to the time limit, there is also a limited number of playthroughs. Players can experience the game a few times and then they are unable to play it at all without purchasing the Access Pass — this should be kept in mind while testing out the game. Ideally, players should play the demo once on Enhanced Performance mode and once on Enhanced Graphics mode to see which of the two works best.

What is the Control Nintendo Switch price?

The final question players might be wondering about is the Control Nintendo Switch price. Control Ultimate Edition on the Nintendo Switch costs $39.99 or your regional equivalent, exactly the same price as it is on other platforms and including the epic conclusion to its DLC offerings. The price is hidden from players on the Nintendo eShop; this is presumably done to prevent them from purchasing the game without testing it out first. The player will be prompted to open the Nintendo eShop once five minutes of play have elapsed and once again when the demo time runs out. Players can trial Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version on the Nintendo eShop right now.