Control PS5 and Xbox Series X versions announced

Sony may have just wrapped up its grand PS5 reveal, but it looks as though there was one more potential announcement that came just after the stream. Developer Remedy Entertainment revealed that Control PS5 and Xbox Series X ports were incoming sometime in the future. No other details were given.

Remedy tweeted this news just moments after the PS5 event came to a close. The team only stated that these next-gen versions were in production and said details would be “coming at a later date.”

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Control was critically acclaimed when it came out in late 2019, but it was often derided for its awful performance on consoles. The game ran at an abysmal frame rate during combat and even though some updates improved its technical chops, it never quite ran at an optimal level, especially on the base PS4 and Xbox One. It’ll likely be in line with the PC version, which has been applauded for its excellent implementation of ray tracing.