Destiny 2 players facing errors and queues as Season of the Splicer debuts

The Destiny 2 Temporarily at Capacity error is not something players want to see when the new season comes out, especially with the big debut of transmog. However, enthusiasm for the new Season of the Splicer content is drawing more players than normal, which is throwing people in a queue. So what is the issue and how can people fix it?

Destiny 2 Temporarily at Capacity | Why am I in queue?

Destiny 2 Temporarily at Capacity | Why am I in queue?

To get past the error code where the game is “temporarily at capacity,” players need to just wait. There are a lot of people trying to login to the game in anticipation of the new season and that commotion and excitement is causing quite the line.

According to the official Bungie Help Twitter account, players need to just stay in the queue. Leaving will make them rejoin the line at the end, further making the waiting progress even longer. Stay in line.

This also appears to be affecting all or some of the platforms, too. Some are even reporting that they are getting booted and being forced to return at the end of the line. Just remember to stay in line and that the problem is not on the user end. It is just a lot of people in the same line as many want to jump in for the new season. The game is topping Steam charts both in terms of simultaneous users as people prepare to jump back in (or in this case, jump into a line).

It probably isn’t on the user side but it would be good to check, especially if the player has been kicked out of the queue and have to start over anyway. Checking the router and connection is a good start as is resetting the console or PC. If these do not help, then it could buy extra time for Bungie to fix the problem on its end.