Hitman 3 finally brings a platinum trophy to the trilogy

The Hitman soft reboot was lauded for its more open take on the series, but PlayStation fans were a little less pleased. Instead of having a platinum trophy like most big games, it had just a collection of bronzes, silvers, and golds. Hitman 2 was no longer episodic but still somehow avoided having a platinum trophy (and a full 1,000 achievement points on Xbox). However, the third installment finally fixes this oversight as the Hitman 3 platinum trophy will finally be the series’ first platinum (aside from remasters and spin-offs).

Will there be a Hitman 3 platinum trophy?

Hitman 3 finally brings a platinum trophy to the trilogy

The Hitman 3 platinum trophy was revealed as the whole trophy list went live just over a week before the full game’s launch. The list has a few spoilers in it, but is mainly filled with trophies that reward players for completing levels, exploring, getting certain kills, mastering challenges, along with a few random ones here and there. And, as a clever touch, there are 47 trophies, not including the platinum. Even though only the PS5 version of the list has gone live, it is likely that this will all carry over to the PS4 version as well (which supports a free upgrade to the PS5 version). The Xbox version also supports a free upgrade but, according to XboxAchievements, seems to have one long list of 83 achievements worth 1,540 points.

While not necessary for the platinum, the trophy list also has separate trophies for Hitman 2, Hitman 2‘s DLC, and the 2016 entry. This gives players a reason to revisit those old levels within Hitman 3 as it imports what levels players have purchased so far, fulfilling the “World of Assassination” IO has been building since 2016 as it houses all three games under one digital roof. IO has even got the file size the bundle under 100 GB.

These trophies also come alongside revealing the rest of the game’s locations. Dubai and Dartmoor were playable in the most recent batch of previews, but the other levels — Berlin, Germany; Chongqing, China; Mendoza, Argentina; and Carpathian Mountains, Romania — remained secret until now.