GameStop Xbox Series X and PS5 bundles will be back in stock tomorrow

The GameStop PS5 and Xbox Series X bundles will be back in stock very soon, according to the big video game retailer. Despite coming out in the middle of November, these new consoles have been quite hard to find in the ensuing months. But even though the bundles are coming back tomorrow, many people will probably still not get one and be left wondering when the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be back in stock.

GameStop PS5 bundles coming back soon

The GameStop PS5 bundle alert tweet went out earlier today, telling hopeful next-gen buyers to keep an ear out for January 21 and look on the retailer’s website. However, it was missing one key aspect: the time. No specific time for January 21 was given and GameStop only advised that people turn on post notifications in hopes that they are one of the few who sees the tweet alert and is able to nab a console. Accessories might be harder to come by and are also worth grabbing so people can always visit other sources for those, which are listed below.

GameStop Xbox Series X will also be restocked tomorrow

Of course, this also applies to the GameStop Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S bundles. These two Xboxes will also be in stock on January 21 at some unknown time. Given how there is no specific time, it is wise to subscribe to GameStop’s Twitter alerts (click the bell on its profile page) and keep an open tab or two just in case. Quantities will likely be very low and they will also probably disappear quickly as those who missed the boat in November will be aching to get their system of choice.