Elden Ring once again absent from February State of Play

Sony stated it would be showing many games during its February State of Play so some naturally assumed that that would include an Elden Ring trailer. After all, the game has been remarkably quiet since its reveal and Sony has been known to re-reveal titles like that. However, there was no Elden Ring trailer or any sort of update at all.

Where was Elden Ring at the State of Play?

elden ring release date rumor

Elden Ring did not make an appearance at the State of Play in any form and neither From nor Sony hinted at its inclusion. It is likely that some thought Sony would show this title because of how it re-revealed The Last Guardian and showed Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Shemue 3 at E3 2015. Those were all highly requested projects with fervent fanbases, which is a group Elden Ring belongs to now.

From has not shown anything since its E3 2019 reveal and that has made its fans quite hungry for any morsel of info. This has been the same for Gamescom as well as the Game Awards as users get their hopes up and then are disappointed by the game’s absence. Its subreddit is filled with these crushed souls. These posts range from players joking about its mysterious status to being numb to it. Posts like these seem to spike after presentations or shows promising new trailers and game reveals.

From has still made no gesture about when it will show the game off again. The team likely faced some setbacks during the pandemic and showed the game too early. Regardless of the reason, the studio has been tight-lipped about Elden Ring. But hopefully development is going smoothly and it will be re-revealed somewhere down the line, whenever that may be. Sekiro came out in early 2019 so it’s still understandable that a new game in a new universe would take some time.