Fortnite mothership mini-game arms players with space blasters and epic loot

With the recent update having been deployed and downtime being over, it’s time for players to experience the latest changes to Fortnite. One of the biggest changes is the new ability to enter the UFO mothership. This will cause “Begin Experiment” text to appear and start a mini-game where players compete to collect orbs.

How to enter the mothership in Fortnite

how to enter the Fortnite mothership

To enter the motherboard in Fortnite, players must:

  1. Wait until the first storm circle starts.
  2. Check the map for UFO locations and go towards one.
  3. Stand beneath the UFO lights to be abducted.
  4. You will now be in the mothership.

When inside of the mothership, players are armed with a non-lethal space blaster weapon and the words “Begin Experiment” appear. Players are then warped to a new area (seen in the image above) where they must compete to collect as many orbs as possible.

Players collect orbs inside of the mothership in order to earn loot. The more orbs players collect, the better the loot reward. Getting a total of five stars will give players the best possible loot.

To get five stars in the Fortnite mothership mini-game, players must collect orbs quickly while avoiding other players’ space blasters. Successfully collect enough orbs to get the best loot.

After the mini-game is over, players will be kicked out of the mothership and drop down to the island to continue the match as normal.

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