Returnal’s Housemarque now part of PlayStation Studios and Demon’s Souls’ Bluepoint could be next

Sony has just announced a full PlayStation Studios Housemarque acquisition, bringing the developer of Returnal fully into the PlayStation family. Interesting news in itself, but Sony also set off a rumor that PlayStation Studios would also be purchasing Bluepoint Games, as PlayStation Japan seemingly leaked that the studio behind the Demon’s Souls PS5 remake will soon be acquired too — all thanks to the wrong picture being used on a tweet.

What is the PlayStation Studios Bluepoint rumor?

PlayStation Studios Housemarque

The possible leak that the next studio to be acquired by Sony as part of the PlayStation Studios is Bluepoint Games happened thanks to the PlayStation Japan Twitter feed. As spotted and grabbed by PlayStation Studios News on Twitter, @PlayStation_jp tweeted a welcome for Housemarque to the PlayStation Studios family but accidentally included the wrong picture on the tweet. Instead of Housemarque, it shows Bluepoint Games, complete with a new studio logo and a banner that includes not only Returnal — suggesting this picture was created for release after today’s announcement — but also Demon’s Souls, too.

Unless someone in Sony Japan carefully photoshopped a new picture into the banner, while still knowing about the Returnal developer’s purchase since the game is already there, and then overlaid it with the Bluepoint Games logo — which seems unlikely to the point of impossibility — then @PlayStation_jp just leaked that Bluepoint Games will also be announced as part of PlayStation Studios soon, possibly even later today.

Both Housemarque and Bluepoint have been exclusively making games for PlayStation for years now, with both Returnal and the Demon’s Souls remaster being big hits only on PS5, so them officially joining PlayStation Studios makes a lot of sense. Housemarque’s co-founder Ilari Kuittinen said in a press release: “We can’t wait to show everyone what will be in store in the upcoming years, and we hope to usher in more lasting memories and exhilarating titles for the next quarter-century and beyond.”

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