Totally Rad Chiptune Music Video Pays Tribute to Game Boy’s 25th Birthday

Nintendo's Game Boy handheld celebrates its 25th birthday in the United States, having released to retail on July 31st, 1989 even though we kind of already recognized this milestone earlier this year on the system's Japanese release date.

I loved my Game Boy, but I probably didn't show it. Instead, I painted it red to turn it into a fancy Pokédex in an effort to give myself any excuse to permanently seal my copy of Pokémon Red in the system. I never wanted to stop playing the game and by the time the Game Boy Color had been announced, Pokémon fever was in full swing.

That's why we're leaving the US release celebrations to chiptune artist TORIENA who might actually have set a few Game Boy speakers on fire. Still want to share your own Game Boy memories? Hit the comments below or read some from your fellow revolutionaries by clicking the link above.

[Via Kotaku]