Sunset Overdrive Offers Season Pass Including Three DLC Packs

Sunset Overdrive offers an open-world, several different weapons and power-ups, and the ability to skate and swing on almost everything throughout the city, though dedicated gamers can pick up the game's season pass for $20 and add to their game as new DLC is released.

The season pass itself offers access to the following, which will also be available separately:

  • "Two campaign game add-ons that each deliver new locations to explore, stories to experience, and bosses to battle. Each of these add-ons also include new weapons, new amps, a new trap, new character outfits as well as new challenges and Chaos Squad objectives!"
  • "The Weapons Pack game add-on, which includes four deadly new weapons to augment your arsenal!"
  • "Six character outfits, two amps and two traps to use as soon as the game is released."

We got brief hands-on time with Sunset Overdrive today during an Xbox One event, so look for a full preview on GameRevolution soon.