Sony Says Delaying Video Games Is “The Right Call”

Many gamers eagerly consume new experiences and hardware with gusto and leave little to the imagination when lining up at midnight, excitedly commenting over gameplay on Youtube, and generally evangelizing the games they love. I still think Sony has the right track when Sony UK Vice President and Managing Director Fergal Gara says delaying a game is often the best decision when up against a release date.

"If you've made a big investment and you bring it out half-ready, for the wrong reasons, then there's going to be a cost," Fergal told Kotaku UK. "A project like Destiny is a perfect example of how you can layer a ten year road map and it's peppered with disks and non-disks and digital content and a whole evolving landscape."

Anyone having played games in the past five years can probably attest to the need for designers and business people to know how a game will play at launch because if they don't then they'll likely discover consumers will let others know.

"The call [to delay Driveclub, out soon for PlayStation 4] was taken to pause, re-assess and reset the ambitions and make sure it delivered the vision we laid out." Fergal said that Sony has to ask a lot of questions about a product before launch in order to make sure they don't "lose too many in a key period and therefore end up with a drought."

Still, I think the PlayStation 4 platform has benefited from third-party sales quite a lot and Xbox One's holiday lineup will likely prove good competition in the hardware space just by balance and the early momentum Sony has for the Fall.