Bayonetta 2 Sales in Japan Underwhelm

While Bayonetta 2 still has yet to release over here in the west, it's already available in Japan, and based on the game's initial sales, it looks like Platinum Games' high-speed action title won't be raking in massive amounts of money for Nintendo.

Since the game's September 20 launch, a mere 38,828 copies have been sold, 4Gamer reports (via IGN). Compare that to the 135,242 copies of the original Bayonetta that were sold on PS3 and the 64,325 sold on Xbox 360 during its first week, and Bayonetta 2's initial performance in Japan becomes all the more alarming. 

It's worth noting, however, that the game is only available on Wii U, which has a considerably small install base. We've also got a few more days left to go before we round out the game's first full week since launch.

Will you be picking up Bayonetta 2 when it hits North America on October 24?