Game of Thrones Game Teased by Telltale

Telltale Games tweeted the above picture earlier today with the words "of IRONWOODS as old as the realm itself" as well as the interesting hashtag #IronFromIce.

We haven't heard much apart from peeps like this when it has come to Telltale's Game of Thrones game, and maybe that's a good thing because the other Game of Thrones game is something I like to think doesn't exist and shudder when I remind people that it does. *shudder*

The Ironwood is a mysterious hard, black tree that populates the haunted forest north of the notorious Wall. The stump that Eddard Stark uses to punish Gared by decapitation in the first episode of the HBO series is made of ironwood. Also, Tyrion's makeshift shield with a wooden slab was made of ironwood too. The symbol in the banner above might be a house sigil of some sort.

Just what this means for the video game is still up in the air, though. What do you think it could be?