Titanfall Gets Third DLC Pack in IMC Rising

While I still couldn't tell you the story behind Titanfall's outer space war between equally well funded forces equipped with massive, heavily armed mech suits, the game's multiplayer community will get another boost when they leap into the IMC Rising downloadable content map pack.

Respawn Entertainment writes on the studio's blog:

Despite gains made in earlier conflicts, the IMC must seek every advantage they can find, given that their reinforcements from the Core Systems are still years away. In "IMC Rising", the IMC begin recommisioning old secret installations to rekindle their shattered industrial military complex. In support of this objective, IMC security forces deploy to track down their own deserters and mutineers, before too many of the installations' precise coordinates find their way into the hands of the Militia.

This DLC pack will cost gamers $9.99 on both PC and Xbox One platforms (and likely the Xbox 360 console when the new maps are made available on that console). Respawn Entertainment is also continuing to offer the game's season pass which gathers IMC Rising with Frontier's Edge and Expedition map packs.

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