Driveclub Now Working for “Majority” of Users

The online features of Driveclub, Evolution Studios' PS4-exclusive racer, appears to be working for the "majority" of users. At least, that's what the developer has said in an update on its Facebook page.

"We're still improving server performance to get all of you enjoying full online connectivity together, but the majority of Driveclub players should now be able to connect and play online," the post explains. "More server updates and upgrades are coming online over the weekend, so while this work continues you may still experience some issues with connectivity but please keep trying."

What about PlayStation Plus subscribers and the promised free version that's supposed to already be available? Unfortunately, there's still no word on when access to the PS Plus Edition will open. That said, the studio is well aware of gamers' frustration.

"We will continue to keep you informed as we make progress and we know we've said this before but we mean it: We know how frustrating it is when you can't get connected and we feel it too," Evolution added. "We are working flat out to get online sign-in, multiplayer racing and leaderboards running smoothly for everyone, all of the time."

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