Retro GameCube Track Coming in Mario Kart 8 DLC

Nintendo has just released a trailer revealing the fourth of eight new tracks coming to Mario Kart 8 in its first downloadable content pack. It's based off a classic course from the GameCube entry Double Dash and is themed around Mario's dino pal.

Have you managed to figure out which track I'm talking about yet?

That's right, Yoshi Circuit is back and looking better than ever! This colorful course joins the likes of Wario's Gold Mine and a pair of brand-new tracks, one themed around F-Zero and the other ExciteBike

The upcoming DLC pack will also feature new karts and racers, not the least of which include both Link and his trusty Master Cycle. I think it's safe to say there'll be plenty of awesome content for karting fans to delve into when this add-on content launches next month.