Nintendo Reveals Excite Bike Arena for First Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack

The scientists at the Nintendo go-kart engine repair and track design institute have revealed one of the eight tracks being added to Mario Kart 8 with Excite Bike getting a spotlight in addition to new characters and vehicles.

The Excite Bike track features the same jumps and mud pits that fans will recognize from the classic 8-bit game, though it's not clear whether you can race exclusively in the 2D view of the dirt track. Regardless, this track will join seven others and Link as a playable character in Mario Kart for this first time when DLC Pack 1 arrives in November.

Fans can buy both DLC Packs for $11.99, though the second pack of tracks with Animal Crossing characters won't arrive until next spring. For more on Mario Kart 8, be sure to read our review and then check our game page for screenshots, video, and more.