Lords of the Fallen Offers New Video on Art Design and Graphics

Bandai Namco Games and City Interactive have unleashed Lords of the Fallen for next-generation console hardware and PC, though the game still intimidates me after seeing it at PAX Prime 2014.

For one, some of the enemies you find in the game are truly haunting and while most of them will fall to your blade or another weapon of choice, the developers have offered new video above detailing Fledge, a brand new engine for Lords of the Fallen. Here's what they had to say via press release:

By creating a new graphics engine, called Fledge, the development team was able to illuminate the game with complex lighting and material systems with hundreds of dynamic lights that bounce, reflect and create cascading shadows. The system also allows for realistically simulated cloth and physics simulation. All of this technology culminates in an ambitious and deep adventure with rich visuals and robust gameplay for new generation consoles.

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