Xbox One Reportedly Outsells PlayStation 4 During Black Friday

Xbox One outperformed PlayStation 4 in console sales during Black Friday, according to a study conducted by data-tracking company InfoScout.

As you can see by the site's handy bar graph pictured below, Xbox One claimed the top spot with 53% of all console sales. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 trailed behind with just 31% of the total. Sadly, Wii U apparently couldn't even outdo Xbox 360, settling for forth place with a measly 6% of all sales.


With so many great deals available for Xbox One, its reported ability to outperform PlayStation 4 shouldn't come as all too much of a surprise. That said, this data was acquired by the site's team of panelists who collected over 180,000 receipts, so this is by no means a definitive representation of Black Friday's sales turnout. 

Did you pick up a new-gen console during the Thanksgiving weekend?

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