Dark Souls 2 Director Interested in VR Support

Dark Souls II director Yui Tanimura recently shared his thoughts on virtual reality, going so far as to suggest that it might be a good fit for the Dark Souls franchise.

"This isn't something that we are looking into detail yet, or at least right now, but I agree that the world of Dark Souls II is something that has a very visceral element to it," Tanimura told IGN. "It’s mostly sort of on the realistic side, so I think that experience with the headset is something that would go well with Dark Souls as content."

The game director also discussed the future of the series, adding:

"Going forward in terms of future games in the series, there are definitely more possibilities in terms of new enemies that take advantage of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One…. I’m sure its not a secret there are all kinds of possibilities for the future, especially with this new hardware and much expertise going forward. There are some planning documents that we have internally that would blow your head off.

Dark Souls II released earlier this year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. You can read our review of the game here.