The Entire WWE 2K16 Roster (So Far)

And the slow crawl revealing the roster for the next WWE title begins anew.

Touting the largest roster in the history of WWE games, WWE 2K16 has revealed 18 wrestlers and divas, featuring the cover wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kalisto whose entrance is shown above in the trailer.

The first 18 wrestlers and divas are in the gallery below, and will be updated as 2K continues to reveal the rest of the 120+-character roster in weekly fashion before the game's release date of October 27 in North America and October 30 internationally.

Hulk Hogan will unfortunately miss the roster given his controversial comments, though Arnold Schwarzenegger will be joining the cast as The Terminator.

WWE 2K16 will also bring back 2K Showcase, My Career, and an expanded Creation Suite, all of which is great news considering that last year's title was rather sparse in modes given the upgrade of the engine.

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