Here is Every Overwatch Anniversary Event Skin

The Overwatch Anniversary event is upon us, and Blizzard has given us our first unabridged look at what they have to offer, including three new maps, new emotes for every hero and 11 new skins all of them legendary.

While I'm sure people will be disappointed to not see Doomfist just yet, these skins are something of a revelation for the Overwatch team and all their dedicated players. Here is every new skin from the Overwatch Anniversary Event.

The event will go from today, May 23, until June 2. Right now, the Game of the Year edition for Overwatch is at a $20 discount at participating retailers. For more information on what that edtion includes, see our overview here.

Many fans have also expressed disappointment that every skin released is of "legendary" rarity. If recently released droprates from Chinese Overwatch carry over to other regions, than we now know that loot boxes have only a 7 percent chance of containing a legendary item, meaning you could get one in every 14 loot boxes you purchase.

Also, since these skins are legendary, they cost 3000 in-game coins, which only drop from loot boxes and in small amounts.

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