Game Revolution reveals GR3 2020, a huge summer-long gaming event

Game Revolution is pleased to reveal GR3 2020, the first installment of our exciting new summer-long gaming event.

GR3 2020 will be the biggest event in Game Revolution’s 24-year history, as we spotlight all of the new and upcoming games you need to know about throughout the summer season.

GR3 will take place across Game Revolution, our official Twitch channel, and available to 70 million households via the SQAD channel and app. It will feature everything from the latest news surrounding the biggest games, exclusive gameplay footage of newly announced titles,  interviews and features, and much, much more.

On we’ll be covering each and every big announcement and breaking news story, along with reviews, previews, and features surrounding the summer’s hottest releases. Want to know what Sony’s got planned for PS5, how the Xbox Series X is shaping up, and what’s on Nintendo’s horizon? We’ll also be diving deep into every snippet of info surrounding the next-gen consoles, and all the exciting games you’ll be able to play on them as we receive more details throughout the summer.

Then over on Twitch, we’ll be going live with gameplay streams of our favorite summer releases, along with special streams featuring new (and unreleased) games we’ve been playing before they’ve even hit store shelves.

You’ll also be able to tune into our weekly Twitch talk show The GR Show, which features insightful and expert commentary on the latest developments in the gaming industry from the Game Revolution team, and GR Reacts, where we broadcast and react to the latest digital events live.

GR3 2020 will last all summer long, and you can keep up to date with it all on, the Game Revolution Twitch channel, and the SQAD app. We’ll see you there!

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