Doom (2016) Preview

Too Fast. Gun Furious.

id software’s re-imagining of Doom is already impressive. So far, not much has been said about the plot of the game so that remains a mystery. Instead of narrative, Doom seems to be relying heavily on three key factors: badass demons, big fucking guns, and fast gameplay. id Software is definitely implementing many tactics in creating a visceral experience that are similar to how they handled the Rage series. This is specifically apparent in the extremely brutal precision and variety of melee finishing moves. The plot has not been discussed, so it seems that the content in this case must matter far more than what is driving it.

The demons appear to be more formidable than ever before, assaulting you in relentless waves. Failing to move quickly through any of the devilishly constructed levels is not advised. This tactic of “push forward” combat seems to be the most important element of the new Doom game. One way id Software has accomplished making swifter gameplay a priority is by implementing an increased focus on player survival. Your health will not regenerate as you play and you will need to kill enemies in order to replenish it. The more formidable the demon, the more health you gain from killing it. This in turn provides a welcome incentive for taking out as many foes as possible even when you find yourself on your last legs.

Aside from the return of fan-favorite weapons like the super-shotgun, chainsaw, and plasma rifle, there will be new weaponry that as of now has not been revealed. id Software has also promised some new demons along with re-imagined versions of our favorites like the invisible demons, Cacodemons, and the “Pinky Demons." There are also other things that have not been revealed at this time like new weapons aside from the ones we already love. I’m personally excited about what they could be seeing as the super-shotgun, chainsaw, and plasma rifle showcased in the demo gameplay seem to be able to do the job just fine.

Aside from the single-player's experience, they have also set the bar high for multiplayer. Team deathmatches will require the mastery of the main campaign but will also have certain twists. There will be three modes in total—Domination, Freeze Tag, and Clan Arena—the main twist being a power-up that one player can gain at the beginning of a match. This power-up is ominously shaped and will turn the player who picks it up into a demon which will vary depending on which map you’re playing so far we’ve only seen players gain the power of the revenant. With the addition of the Snap Map, players will be able to create and share their own level creations with other players online instantly.

Doom will be available in Spring 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.