Beasts vs Bots Preview

It's Godzil… wait, no, just giant Dinosaurs and Robot Aliens!

At E3 last week, I had the pleasure of getting to see debut gameplay of Beasts vs. Bots, a real-time strategy game and the first title from Shiver Entertainment. Despite being a mobile game it has quite a well-constructed backstory and game design not unlike that of an RTS game you might find on PC.

You have the option to play as one of two formidable forces going head to head for domination of Earth. The Beasts prehistoric creatures existed on our planet for centuries, becoming the inspiration for cave paintings and mythology of early civilization, but after awhile they went into hiding deep within the Earth disappearing from existence until the planet became threatened by an alien race. That’s where the Bots come in, an alien race that was able to unlock the keys to immortality by combining their bodies with high-tech machines. Bots have come to Earth to pillage it for resources and the Beasts aren’t going to let them do that without a fight.

Although the Beasts have come out of hiding in order to stop the Bots, though, their priority is not saving humanity. In fact, no matter who you play, you end up destroying whole cities while tiny humans flee for their lives. Each side sets out to destroy as many buildings as possible in order to earn gold and steel to upgrade their troops and bases. In order to win, you need to destroy your enemy's headquarters, steal all their gold, or destroy their base and most of their headquarters. All of this is set under a time restriction because if neither side gains the upper hand quick enough, the humans will drop a nuke on the city and kill everything.

Every set of units has a corresponding version on each side, evening out the odds a bit. The key is to upgrade each of your units individually in order to overpower the other side (before they upgrade theirs). Every unit has 10 different level upgrades and once you have them at max capacity, you’re sure to have the advantage as well as cool skins for your upgraded units. There's a very intricate degree of customization you can do when constructing bases and managing your troops, which is impressive for a mobile title.

All units have their own set of strengths when put on the battlefield, such as high DPS rates, resource production, and the ability to attack while on the move. There is also a significant difference in the buildings for the Beasts and the Bots; since the Beasts are prehistoric creatures most of their buildings have earthy elemental designs resembling ancient architecture, while the Bots have buildings that look more technically advanced and inspired by science-fiction. There will also be PvP elements to the game as well where you’ll be able to duel it out with other players. 

Beasts vs. Bots will be released this year for iOS and Android devices. So if you’re looking for a strategy game to download on your phones or tablets, I would definitely recommend picking this up.