“It’s Christmas at Ground Zero” Review

Quake 2 Mission Pack 2: Ground Zero Info


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Release Date

  • 01/01/1970
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  • PC


“It’s Christmas at Ground Zero”

"All the missiles are on their way. I’ll duck and cover with my Yuletide

lover underneath the mistletoe…" and not bother playing the second dreary

mission pack for Quake 2, Ground Zero. I’ll be frank right out; I don’t

especially like Quake 2. In fact, I’d say that all the ID games and their fiendish

adherence to minimalism in game design has done far more damage to the game

industry than even the intolerable myst-clone obsession.


the biggest problem with both Quakes was the poor single player games. Can this

add-on pack help? Read on.

So here we have a mission pack made by the same folks who made the Quake

Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity
, Rouge Entertainment. What do you

want to hope for in a mission pack for Q2? New graphics? New Enemies? New Weapons?

More Interaction? Redesigned AI? More Interactive Environments? All the trappings

of CREATIVITY perhaps? It would appear so –considering the preponderance of

innovative MODs that Q2 lovers with programming skills and way to much time

on their hands have put together over the past year.

But hey, none of that here. All we are given are 14 new single player levels,

10 new deathmatch levels, 4 “new” weapons, 5 “new” enemies, a new Boss, and

7 new power-ups. No new graphics. No new AI. None of the trappings of creativity.

What we really have here is an overpriced deathmatch MOD.

The single player levels are bad. Yes, bad. The first unit (3 levels) starts

you off in an underground volcanic mine of some sort. These are the only decent

levels in the pack, mainly due to their creative architecture and good use of

Quake 2’s blasphemously overdone lighting effects. Aside from that,

the levels are mostly boring rehash of Quake 2s boring environs. Save for one

cool spot in a very large canyon of fire, you’ve played this before.

The drab levels feature the 5 “New” enemies present in this expansion pack.

There are actually only 3 new enemies as 2 of them, the Deadalus and the medic

Commander, are actually just remakes of the original Icarus and Medic with new

skins, weapons, and a green defensive shield for the Deadalus. The other new

enemies include a spider-like Stalker that only exists to annoy you, a Turret

that only exists to trap you (it’s actually kind of cool though), and an Anime

inspired “Carrier” that’ll make you wish that SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division

would hurry up and get to the stores.

Then there are the 4 new weapons. They are the Chainsaw, the Prox Mine launcher,

the ETF Rifle Flechette, and the Plasma rifle. Essentially the Chainsaw is just

the Quake axe, the Prox Mine Launcher is just as it sounds (and pretty useless),

the Flechette is the Nail gun from Quake, and the Plasma rifle is a better

looking version of the lighting gun from Quake. Nothing to scream about and

run from in terror here.


‘story’ behind the single player game has to do with a new Strogg (the Quake

cyborg bad dudes) “Gravity Well” weapon. Don’t worry about it, it’s not

worth talking about. But, as they say, "Who the hell plays single player

Quake 2?”

Admittedly Quake 2’s great success has been in the multplayer area where it’s

clean and simple deathmatch has grabbed the Internet game-playing community

like an alien face hugger and refuses to let go. So, what about them multiplayer

thingies? Well, we have here 10 new really big and bland deathmatch levels that’ll

bore you pretty quick. In fact, the maps are so big, unless you play with 32

or more players, your trigger finger will cease up from inactivity.

However, the cool things about this mission pack… correction, the only cool

new things about this mission pack are the new power ups used mostly for multi-player.

These include 3 types of spheres, a Tesla Grenade, Double damage, IR Goggles,

and a bad ass anti-matter bomb. The spheres circle your head and do one of 3

things: The Defender Sphere kills your enemies and lowers damage to you by %50.

The Vengeance Sphere waits till you get down to %25 health, then kills your

attacker (hehe). Finally, the Hunter Sphere locks on to the ass of the person

who just fragged you and doesn’t stop ’till they are chunky salsa giblets. The

Tesla grenade electrocutes anyone dumb enough to wander to close to it, the

Anti-Matter bomb kills everyone, and the Doppelganger creates a decoy that looks

just like you. Oh, the IR Goggles and Double Damage are self explanatory.

On the whole these little beauties are fun distractions but add little to the

already existing Quake 2 deathmatch gameplay. It would probably get you more

just to download the user MODs Action Quake 2 or Lithium for free.

Look, I’ll make this one simple. This was a missed opportunity. Perhaps if

Rouge had shown a bit more creativity and done something cool with the Quake

engine (like the Malice TC for Quake) then this could have been

cool. It could have been less terminally boring than Quake 2. As it is,

this 104 megabyte puppy didn’t stay on my hard drive for very long and I got

it for free. Don’t bother paying any of your hard earned/scammed/stolen cash

on this one, there ain’t enough meat to nuke.