Where are all the naked chicks??? Review

Voyeur2 Info


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  • 1 - 1


  • Interweave Entertainment


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Release Date

  • 12/31/1969
  • Out Now


  • PC


Where are all the naked chicks???

Really, I had high expectations

of this game…but unfortunately these expectations were not met. Reading the

back of the box makes the game sound like it’s gonig to be some kind of pornfest,

but the only nudity actually depicted is a guy’s naked butt and a split second

of tits. Voyeur 2 dumps you in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, let’s

just say Montana for argument’s sake. There is no electricity, just a solar

panel. You are all alone, and you like it. For companionship and entertainment,

you have a gun, a camera, and a 1930’s-ish radio. Basically, you are

Ted Kazcinski.

The peace and quiet is shattered when a wealthy woman builds a house

accross the valley. You start spying on her and her visitors with your

really expensive video and audio equipment. All this “plot development”

unfolds before the game begins. The game actually starts one night with

you preparing for a nightcap of spying. Apparently, the rich woman’s

father died and everybody and their dog is at her house to see who gets

the dad’s share of stock that he’d been holding in a pharmaceutical

company. This is where you, the kind-hearted voyuer freak, come in. You

are supposed to stop a murder by shooting the murderer and making sure that

you get some incriminating evidence on him or her. You only have one

bullet, so use it wisely. Each time you play, the game won’t last more

than ten minutes. You have to play it several times before you can win,

but once you do, the fun is lost. Plus, there are only two real endings

which pulls the life out of the game as well.


The graphics are good (Not

as good as a T.V., but good) and so is the sound (unfortunately the best part

of the game), but the game is full of problems. Even with twice the minimum

system requirements the game still loves to freeze up during key points in the

game. The box warns of nudity and adult subject matter, but I wouldn’t recommend

this game to anyone over ten. It is just too frustrating with all of it’s freezing

up, and too mind numbing with all of it’s technicalities.

Trust me, if you’re looking

for a titilating game, this one is not worth the split second boob shot or the

guy’s ass. Playability sucks. You basically point your camera at a room and

watch a short video clip. Then you get your gun (you have no control over aiming)

and shoot somebody. This game made me want to shoot myself — it casts the player

as a complete loser with no life except his animal friends and the people across

the valley, who are totally unaware of his existence. Thinking about this puts

a bit of a damper on the fun, hmmm? I suppose that if you are a reclusive Luddite,

believing that technology is the evil of the world, this game is for you. But

then, if you were like that, what would you be doing reading this over the Internet?


Good graphics and sound
Tries to be too many things -- fails at all
Each game only lasts 10 minutes
Not enough naked chicks