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  • Doctor Entertainment

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  • 01/01/1970
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Puts the Dim in Dimension.

The goal of Doctor Entertainment’s Puzzle Dimension is to move a marble around a board to collect flowers from certain tiles. Collect all the flowers, get the marble to a portal, and move on to the next challenge. It really isn’t that complicated.

[image1]Sometimes the board is flat; other times it is folded, looped, and curved. Sometimes the board has missing tiles, creating spaces that the marble will have to jump over. Sometimes the board contains specialized tiles with altered physical properties. Playing Puzzle Dimension reminded me of that old game Hi-Q, but instead of jumping pieces, you jump over missing or dangerous tiles.

As play progresses, the music and graphics are supposed to get better. But since puzzles are unlocked restrictively in chronological order, there’s no undo option, and there’s no explanation for what specialized titles do, it’s difficult to get far enough to see or hear much improvement.

[image2]Once you figure out that you can pretty much make the same move to evade any specialized tile, the game loses its sparkle, no matter what dimension the board happens to be in. Realizing this opens up time for you to consider the glaring inconsistencies with the game, the greatest of which, is what the hell do marbles have to do with flowers anyway?

As it stands now, the only thing not flat about the game is the title.

[There are several problems. The length of the original text was 215 words. It doesn’t seem like she got very far into the game. And the ‘C-‘ grade reflects that, especially in contrast to EuroGamer who gave it a 9, among many others.]


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