Gmail Down: Google Login Errors Hit Gmail, YouTube, and More

With Gmail down, the working world doesn’t quite know what to do. The Google email service is experiencing some downtime, with users being hit with a Gmail error 502 in the process. The Google login error prevents people from accessing their emails, with it seemingly affecting the US and UK for now, but the problem also being reported in other regions.

As this appears to be an issue with Google accounts, a YouTube login error is also popping up, with users unable to access their subscriptions on the video-sharing site as it is linked to their Google account.

Gmail Down: What Does the Google Login Error 502 Mean?

The Google 502 error tells users that they have encountered a “temporary error” and that their request could not be completed. Those trying to access their Gmail accounts are greeted by the following image:

As a result of this issue, all other services requiring the use of a Gmail account appear to have been affected. When trying to log into Google Trends, we came across a Google error 500, informing us that “there was an error.”


Gmail Down: How to Fix the Google Error 502

Fortunately, this issue isn’t limited to individual accounts. You don’t need to worry about being hacked or if there’s a problem with your Gmail, as this is an issue that many are experiencing. Down Detector reports that a number of problems have been noted in the past hour, with 45% having issues with the Google login process, while 31% are having problems with the website itself. Google also seems to be giving users trouble, with searches taking longer than usual as users attempt to access the search engine and their accounts won’t load up.

Google has yet to issue a statement regarding the problems with its email service, though we can imagine that it’s working behind the scenes to bring it back to life again. Some users are still able to access the service via mobile, so if you’re desperate to get your hands on your emails, we’d suggest going to the app version of the service and sending out your emails through that.