Twitch Down: Log-in Issues and Streaming Errors Hit Site

Twitch issues are preventing users from being able to access the site, with a number of its features going down and causing headaches for those attempting to broadcast and view their favorite streamers. A few Twitch errors surfaced last night, though today a fresh batch of issues have reared their heads and are seeing streamers unable to begin their broadcasts.


Twitch Issues: Not Able to Broadcast Streams

Those hoping to stream on Twitch today are facing an unfortunate problem, with streamers being unable to broadcast. Through the Streamlabs OBS client, the following error message is displaying when streamers attempt to go live: “Could not access the specified channel or stream key, please double-check your stream key. If it is correct, there may be a problem connecting to the server.”

There is currently no way to fix this problem, though Twitch has stated that it is on the case. “We’re also investigating other site-wide issues, like elements of the website not functioning correctly and not being able to start new broadcasts,” a post on the official Twitch Twitter reads. “Thank you for your patience as we look into these!”

Twitch Issues: Failing to Load Streams

Streamers aren’t the only ones who are being hit with some problems. Those trying to view broadcasts are also finding themselves unable to do so, with certain streams not loading. This isn’t applicable to every channel streaming on the site, though it seems to be a problem with those who have recently gone live. Another tweet from the site’s official Twitter reads: “We’re currently investigating an issue where streams aren’t loading site-wide. Stay Tuned!”

There’s no word yet on when these problems will be solved, though considering that Twitch has stated it is working on the case, they should be resolved sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix these problems, so if you’re desperately trying to figure out a workaround then you’re just going to have to wait until its technicians get on the case and rectify the site’s issues.