Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen Shatters Records

Samsung has a knack for pushing the boundaries when it comes to smartphones. It’s up there with Apple. Samsung’s costly ventures into research and development yields results and its new Galaxy Note 9 has shattered a bunch of records thanks to its screen. Looking for Fortnite or PUBG gaming on the go? This could be the best option.

After being put under the microscope – and likely plenty other measuring apparatus – DisplayMate has concluded that the Galaxy Note 9 has the single greatest smartphone screen right now. Multiple records were broken by the impressive OLED panel, and all eyes will be on Apple to best it with the next iPhone.

It’s an extensive look into the display of Samsung’s new flagship handset, but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to those who follow the company’s technological advances. The Note series of phones have typically crammed higher resolution panels into a chassis bigger than their Galaxy S phones, kick-starting the “phablet” category of smart devices. The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 looks set to keep the same 1440p resolution of last year’s model, but tests carried out show a screen that breaks brightness and viewing angle records to name a few.

According to DisplayMate, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also breaks the record for “Absolute Color Accuracy” with the site grading it as “Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect and significantly higher than on the Galaxy Note 8.” The site claims that Samsung’s new flagship phone breaks or sets five different records and even earns the highest A+ grade ever dished out by its team.

Simply put, there’s a very good reason why Samsung had Fortnite on a slight exclusivity deal. It’s arguably the best way to play the game if you’re going off visual accuracy alone. Perfect color reproduction won’t exactly make a significant difference in your win/loss ratio like a better input device or smoother framerate, but paired with the size, battery, and chip found in the Note 9, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more Fortnite-capable smartphone.