This New Acer Gaming Chair Is Perfectly Named

Not content with a single reveal at IFA 2018, an Acer gaming chair appeared on the same day as the group announced a new VR headset. Continuing the Acer Predator line of unapologetically overboard gaming products, the firm has officially blown the rest of its catalog out of the water with what can only be described as a gaming throne – something reflected in its name. This is the Acer Predator Thronos, and you probably won’t be sitting in it any time soon.

Revealed at IFA 2018, the Acer gaming chair isn’t just the tech firm’s take on the gaming chairs quickly becoming a mainstay in the rooms of streamers and the audience they influence. It’s a rock-solid contraption that’s more of a complete gaming unit than a simple place to park your behind.

At a whopping 485 pounds, you’d think the new Acer gaming chair couldn’t get any heavier – but you’d be wrong. Designed to house your entire PC gaming setup, the Acer Predator Thronos is like something you’d expect to see on the set of your favorite sci-fi show. It’s what the kids would call an “absolute unit”. It holds 3 27-inch monitors away from your face, tilts you back to a comfortable position, and even offers a footrest and, of course, a surface for your mouse, keyboard, and Acer Predator PC. There’s RGB, too, but that’s a given on just about any “gamer” product at this point.

According to The Verge, Acer even took the time to refresh its Acer Predator series of monitors with two new panels that can slot right into this thing – the Predator XB273K, and the Nitro XV273K. The former certainly outmatches the latter’s 4K 144Hz G-Sych display, but good luck running any game on three 4K monitors at 144HZ right now. Heck, good luck even running something like Battlefield V at that frame rate on a single 4K display. We’re not even expecting the new RTX cards to do that.

So who is this for, anyway? Nobody. Not right now, anyway. Acer hasn’t revealed a price or release date and, as far as we know, has yet to even confirm if it plans on bringing this thing to market at all.

Would plenty of us want to try this beauty out? Yes. Would we buy it? No. It’s a great proof of concept, but not one Acer is likely to expect much business from.