A Nintendo Switch Headset Is In The Works

A Nintendo Switch headset is coming, but it’s not what you think. The Nintendo Switch is a fantastically versatile device, but with versatility comes plenty of room for further improvement. VR is on everyone’s minds at the minute, but Nintendo doesn’t have much to say when it comes to Nintendo Switch VR. A Canadian manufacturer looks to change that, but clearly understands the limits it faces.

Exklim, the curiously named Canadian company behind the rather less curiously named NS Glasses Nintendo Switch headset, is looking to release the first commercially available Nintendo Switch headset in the near future, with those who sign up to their pre-order program nabbing an easy 50% off in the process. The headset will technically work with the entire Nintendo Switch software library, but that’s only because it’s not really doing anything at all when it comes to software.

As reported by Nintendo Life, the NS Glasses Nintendo Switch headset is not a traditional VR headset. There’s no mention of VR anywhere, and there’s a good reason for that. Instead, the NS Glasses Nintendo Switch headset is little more than a chunky set of goggles that attempts to turn your Nintendo Switch into a pseudo-3D display thanks to “colour switching technology”.

To hopefully alleviate the obvious image quality you’ll see when jamming a small 720p display close to your eyeballs, the lenses inside the headset will attempt to smooth the pixel count of the resulting image. The results of that will surely need to be seen to be believed. If anything, it’ll let you play your games as close to your face as possible.

The form factor and set-up of the NS Glasses don’t look all too dissimilar to other more traditional VR headsets on the market. Similar to the Google Daydream peripheral, users will slot their Nintendo Switch into the front tray and secure it with a latch.

From there, it should be as simple as sliding the headset on and hoping the load-bearing straps can keep the weight of Nintendo’s handheld from putting some serious strain on your neck. You’ll even be free to charge your Joy-Con controllers on the side of your console without taking it out of the headset if you have an alternate controller on hand.