Facebook Down: Social Network Suffers Outages

UPDATE: Facebook is down today, December 5, across Europe. Please check the article below for potential fixes and stay tuned for further updates on the matter.

Is Facebook down? Unfortunately, yes. The social network is experiencing some technical difficulties right now, with Facebook users on the East Coast being hit by an error message when trying to log in. “Sorry, something went wrong,” the message reads. “We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can.”

The particular error message can be viewed below:

facebook down

The majority of reports seem to be coming in from the East Coast in the United States, though some are reporting similar issues in South America, too. It doesn’t appear to have hit those in the West Coast yet, so hopefully Mark Zuckerberg and co. are working on a fix.

Ironically, when users try to navigate to the Help Center listed on the error page, they are taken to yet another error page. There’s no word on when the error will be resolved, but in the meantime, Facebook users will need to head on over to Twitter or something.

How to Fix Facebook Down

Facebook rarely suffers an outage, with it being one of the most-viewed websites in the world. This means that when the site is forced offline, there is typically a moment of mad panic. While this problem will likely be resolved and everyone will soon go back to posting, many are still searching for a fix for the Facebook down error message.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot anyone can do aside from buckle in and wait until it blows over. That, or they can travel to the West Coast and access Facebook from there. Though that will likely take a bit more time than simply waiting for this problem to blow over while Facebook’s tech team deploys a hotfix.

We’ll update this story if we hear any more on the Facebook outage, but in the meantime, hold tight social butterflies.