Facebook is Down | Social network will ‘be back soon’

Is Facebook down? Loads of social media users are reporting that the Facebook service is no longer working, appearing to be suffering from technical difficulties. These Facebook issues are widespread for users on desktop, and even though Facebook is not working, there’s a strong chance that the developers are already working on a fix.

How to fix Facebook not working

The latest Facebook issue is kind of a big one, and there’s really nothing users can do to fix it.  For now, it seems like there’s nothing that can be done. This issue, like other Facebook difficulties in the past, will be one that the developers themselves have to fix.

Facebook also went down earlier this week, though many users are reporting that the desktop version of the site is referring to this outage as “required maintenance.” The message simply tells users that “Facebook will be back soon,” though little other information is available when it comes to the time that the social network will return, and how long the outage is expected to last. The latest Facebook down issue is at least affecting the US and the UK, and it’s currently unknown if this is global.

Naturally, now that Facebook is down, many users are taking to other social media outlets to talk about the problems they’re experiencing. If nothing else, Facebook issues can at least serve as a reminder that communication is available through other channels; there’s no need to rely solely on Facebook’s proprietary messaging service. Still, there’s certainly not going to be too long of a wait before the crew at Facebook manage to get it back up and running in proper form.