‘World’s fastest’ 360Hz monitor revealed by Nvidia and Asus

During CES 2020, Nvidia and Asus revealed the world’s first and “world’s fastest” 360Hz monitor. Aimed at esports athletes and competitive games, this new Asus ROG Swift 360Hz esports display will aim to “unlock [gamers’] potential” and hit “unbelievable shots.”

The headline feature is obviously the 360Hz refresh rate, allowing for up to 360 frames per second to be displayed on the screen. Other specs include a 24.5″ diagonal and 1080p resolution.

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Nvidia’s G-Sync technology is also utilized by the display, with the variable refresh rate meaning a tear-free experience, while maintaining low latency. It’s the best of both worlds and should provide fewer distractions in a competitive environment.

Nvidia’s own research on the impact of how FPS, Hz, and system latency can impact a player’s aim in first-person shooters has led to the conclusion of higher FPS/Hz resulting in better aim.

Pricing and availability details for the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz have not yet been announced. Nvidia says that information will be “coming later this year.”