Does FaceTime work on Android?

Those without an iPhone may be wondering how to get FaceTime on Android, or if there’s an Android FaceTime app.  Given that the video calling application has become even more popular due to current circumstances, those not using a device carrying iOS are searching for an Android version of the app.

So, does FaceTime work on Android? Let’s take a look:

How to FaceTime on Android

FACETIME alternatives for android

Many users would like to see a Facetime Android app, but unfortunately, there is no FaceTime app for Android. However, there are ways to still make video calls on an Android device that serve as excellent Facetime alternatives.

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While these alternatives aren’t quite the real deal, they do offer video calling services that work across both iOS and Android devices, or if you’re using your desktop computer or laptop. There are plenty of different ways to make video calls if you aren’t on iOS user, many of which offer additional features that can’t be found on the iPhone video messaging service.

FaceTime equivalent for Android

Here are the FaceTime alternatives on Android you should download:

  • WhatsAppOne of the top FaceTime alternatives, WhatsApp easily allows you to make video calls, while it also provides a private and extensive messaging service that will allow you to communicate with multiple other users at once, all through your mobile device.
  • ZoomAn increasingly popular app, Zoom is being used for both social and business meetings. Neat additional features such as the ability to change the backgrounds of your calls
  • Google DuoGoogle’s own video-calling app, Duo is cross-platform meaning it can be used on both iOS and Android, with users able to initiate calls with one another across devices running the different operating systems.
  • HangoutsOne of the most popular messaging services around, along with providing text-based messages you can also video and voice call using Hangouts. It also allows for scheduled online meeting rooms, allowing you to organize meetings ahead of schedule.
  • SkypeThe most well-known video messaging service, Skype allows you to both video call and screen share with other users, perfect for business discussions.

Will FaceTime release on Android?

FaceTime on Android is unlikely to ever happen, given that it is an app developed by Apple specifically for its iOS devices. It’s unlikely that Apple would ever want its proprietary software to grace other platforms, as it’s one of the iOS’ key selling points.

FaceTime Android to iOS, iPhone, and iPad

As FaceTime isn’t releasing on Android, it is therefore not possible to perform a video call using the app to either an iPhone or iPad running iOS. Users will instead need to download one of the many alternatives in order to video call one another between platforms.