How to fix Trading 212 ‘Couldn’t Load Data’ error

The Trading 212 ‘Couldn’t Load Data’ error is preventing users from accessing the app, with it preventing them from buying new stock, accessing their portfolio, and more. The error requests that users retry to load the app on iPhone and Android, but many are finding that this doesn’t help resolve this issue.

This isn’t good news for those looking to invest in stock such as GameStop (GME), AMC, and BlackBerry (BB), three high-profile opportunities that have led to many making exorbitant amounts of money due to dealings from the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets.

So how do you fix this issue with the app and begin trading again?

Trading 212 ‘Couldn’t Load Data’ fix

trading 212 couldn't load data fix

Trading 212 is currently experiencing a huge influx of interest due to the surge in GME stock prices, with this leading to the app’s servers struggling to deal with the number of those trying to trade using it. The ‘Couldn’t Load Data’ error is as a result of this increased interest.

To fix the ‘Couldn’t Load Data’ error, Trading 212 users will have to select ‘Retry’ and wait for the servers to go back online. Users are reporting that staying logged into the app prevents them from being kicked out in the first place, so if you’re waiting until the market opens to make a trade, ensure that you remain logged in to the app so that it won’t reconnect you.

As the issue is server-side, the impact the user can have on rectifying the problem is minimal. If you are facing this error outside of downtime for the Trading 212 app, it can be linked to an internet issue — make sure you have a stable internet connection and then reconnect to the app after doing so.

Issues with Trading 212 are likely to continue throughout the day, with it having already stated on Twitter that the service is temporarily stopping the onboarding of new clients. This should help ease the pressure on the service that previously caused it to go offline, though will also prevent new buyers from using the service to invest in stock.