Valkyria Chronicles 1 Tops Japanese Nintendo eShop Charts

Move over, MinecraftValkyria Chronicles 1 just outsold you and many others this week on Nintendo Japan’s eShop Top Sellers chart. The first entry in the popular TRPG franchise was originally released on PlayStation 3 and later ported to Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The series has gone on to spawn manga, anime, and several sequels. Just last month, Valkyria Chronicles 4 was launched worldwide after its initial release in Japan in March this year. Surprisingly, the newest title isn’t doing nearly as well on the charts.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Valkyria saga is massively popular. However, the fan response to the series’ continual journey through the lands and power struggles of Europa has never been more positive than when speaking about Valkyria Chronicles 1. While there is no disputing the franchise as a whole receives generally favorable reviews, the first game in the series has always been the top of the pops, according to the die-hards who have followed each and every step of Valkyria’s story. It probably also doesn’t hurt that the Switch’s eShop (in Japan or otherwise) offers a diverse selection of both new and old titles that seem to just fit on the console.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is how Valkyria is marching its way over major properties, including Nintendo’s own Super Mario Party. Poor FIFA 19 finds itself at the exact opposite end of this list, crawling into the number 10 spot. So, what exactly is going on here? When all is said and done, there’s no grand conspiracy: the classics endure. Everyone loves finding themselves in the middle of a new and engaging story, and once we’ve made our way deep into the lore and the lands through each new chapter, we tend to find ourselves wanting to relive the joy we felt when we first ventured into our favorite worlds. This would seem to, at least in part, explain why Valkyria Chronicles 1 is currently killing it on the Japanese Nintendo eShop.