Black Ops 4 Hijacked Map Teased By Activision

Activision has teased what looks to be a Black Ops 4 Hijacked map in a short video posted across their social media channels. The teaser suggests that the map would be introduced as part of the Blackout mode though it’s possible we could also see the Black Ops 2 fan-favorite return as an independent map too. According to some rumours, the map will be arriving on December 11.

The teaser is limited to a short video that doesn’t offer any gameplay. Instead, it shows a radar version of the Blackout map with a blip positioned between Nuketown Island and the Construction Site. Considering the unused space between these two locations, a gigantic boat might be just the thing needed to give players a neat little mid-way point.

Hijacked made its first appearance in Black Ops 2, proving to be a hit thanks to its compact level design that gave way to hours of chaotic fun. It returned in Black Ops 3 albeit as a re-imagined version, with the boat taking on a futuristic guise and being called “Skyjacked”. It would fit with what we’ve seen from Blackout so far as well, with the map integrating the best bits and pieces from across the CoD franchise.

We don’t know whether or not a Hijacked map would make a return as an independent map for multiplayer or whether it would just be limited to the Blockout mode. But after Nuketown was recently reintroduced as a solo map and as part of the battle royale, it isn’t out of the question that Hijacked get similar treatment.

While Activision hasn’t confirmed what the teaser points to just yet, Blackout’s studio designer David Vonderhaar’s previous comments suggest it would fit with their long-term project. In a tweet, Vonderhaar said that “we are more interested in adding/subtracting and morphing this map then making new maps” and Hijacked would certainly add something wholly new to the Blackout stage. Rumors suggest that Hijacked could be introduced as soon as December 11 based on a date found in the bottom left of the video.