Nintendo Switch Japan sales surpass PlayStation 4

Nintendo Switch Japan sales have surpassed that of its closest competitor, the PlayStation 4, making it the new king of this console generation in Japan. The two had a close race up until the last few weeks when the Switch managed to overtake the PS4. Both consoles have left the Xbox One thoroughly in the dust.

Toward the end of April, the Switch and PS4 were virtually tied [H/T NintendoEverything] in sales at just under 8.1 million units. The PS4 was only ahead of the Switch by 5,588 units. A large early-May boom increased Switch sales and moved 83,471 more units, whereas the PS4 only moved 30,000 more in the same period.

While they’re still relatively close in sales, this marks another milestone for the Nintendo Switch. It managed to outsell its predecessor, the Wii U, in a mere ten months. The Nintendo 64, one of the Switch’s more iconic siblings, was overtaken by the Switch just last month.

Nintendo’s portable systems remain at the top of the sales charts in Japan. The Nintendo DS, Gameboy Color, and 3DS are unlikely to give up their crowns any time soon. Each is sitting pretty with over 25 million units sold, and the DS reigns supreme with nearly 33 million units sold. For this generation, however, the Switch and PS4 will continue to vie for superior sales.

Speaking of this generation, you may be wondering where the Xbox One comes into this competition. Unfortunately for Microsoft, they’ve been trounced. As of February, the console only sold about 103,000 units in Japan, making it one of the worst-selling consoles in Japan’s history.

With Xbox so far out of the competition, it’s up to the Switch and PS4 to fight to win this generation. With excellent exclusives coming to each console, it is anybody’s game. Nintendo and Sony have always given each other close competition when it comes to winning the hearts and wallets of Japanese gamers, and it looks like that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.