Boundary PS4 exclusive announced alongside new trailer

PS4 exclusive game Boundary has been officially announced by developer Surgical Scalpels alongside a new trailer for the upcoming game. Before this announcement it was previously known as  Project Boundary.

Alongside the reveal for the official title and platform availability, a new trailer showing off the fast paced FPS gameplay, weapon animations, character design, and map design has also been released.

Being developed by the 14-person indie team called Surgical Scalpels based in mainland China, the upcoming competitive first-person shooter based in the depths of space, the game is expected to launch later this year as a PS4 exclusive. Extensive research was carried out during the testing phase on releasing a VR version, however the studio decided to focus on a standard PS4 version with the option for a conversion to Xbox One and PC versions in the future.

Boundary is exclusively a multiplayer title, with no single-player story mode. The premise for the multiplayer game play is a five-versus-five team setup. Games modes already announced include Team Deathmatch, Free For All, as well as Facility Capture and Orbital Purge which are based around Domination and Elimination gameplay elements. Multiplayer matches will incorporate fast gameplay mechanics and intense combat.

Upon release, a large selection of multiplayer maps will be at hand alongside the four multiplayer modes, including a solar farm, museum, orbital fuel station, and a spacecraft debris field.

In terms of progression, Boundary will include a highly complex progression system that will give players the opportunity to broaden their skill set as the progress through the game, allowing for versatile teams to be built together, combining offensive and defensive skill sets.

Based lightly of modern day tactical weaponry, Boundary’s armory will comprise of machine pistols, sniper rifles and even rocket launchers, all modified extensively to be efficient in the zero gravity conditions in space. The armory will also include tools commonly used by astronauts such as percussion hammers and lances. Players can upgrade their weapons to improve their use in battle, with the options to add scopes, grips, barrels, extended magazines and stocks.

In terms of maneuverability, players will also come equipped with jetpack, known in  game as an EVA pack, which can also be modified to carry additional offensive weapons and countermeasures. There are 3 EVA packs to customize, as well as 6 classes.

More Boundary news is coming shortly and will be shown at Gamescom in Cologne, August 21-24.

View more in-game screenshots here.