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Gears 5 Achievement List | Campaign, multiplayer, and progression achievement details

It’s official. Gears 5 has gone gold and will be hitting its launch date of September 10, 2019, on Xbox One and PC. As such, the Gears 5 achievement list has been posted with loads of achievements, both easy and challenging, for those still trying to raise their gamerscore. Below, we take a closer look at some of the more challenging achievements from the variety of game modes Gears 5 has to offer.

Gears 5 Achievement List | Campaign achievements

The Gears 5 achievement list is broken up into a few sections. ‘We’ll break them down below, but you can view the long list on the following link. The first section, and by far the biggest of the bunch, is the list pertaining to the game’s campaign mode. The next chapter of the Gears of War story follows Kait Diaz as she searches for the truth about her troubling ancestry, as well as the Locust threat that has been a problem for years.

Much of the achievements known are pretty standard. In fact, many of them seem to unlock during certain moments of each act. Fortunately, for those trying to stay spoiler-free, none of the achievements shown on the recent Xbox Wire post shows any details about how you unlock some of the story-driven achievements. The only “spoiler” in terms of story is revealing how many acts there will be, which seems to be a total of four.

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The most challenging achievement of the bunch has to be “All Aboard the Crazy Train!” which tasks you to complete all the acts of the campaign on Insane. This is the hardest difficulty in the game. If it is anything like previous entries, Insane difficulty on Gears 5 will be a bit of a challenge.

The rest of the achievements for Gears 5‘s campaign revolve around Jack, the trusty drone (or a variation of the same drone) who has helped the COGs unlock doors very slowly since the original Gears of War. It looks like you will be able to upgrade Jack this time around with Cloak, Stim, Flash, and Shock Trap abilities. You will also get an achievement for completing an act as Jack.

Gears 5 Achievement List | Multiplayer achievements

There is also a slew of achievements pertaining to Gears 5‘s various multiplayer game modes. Specifically, you will be earning these while you play the game’s Versus, Horde, Escape, and Map Builder modes.

Escape Mode Achievements

Escape is a brand new co-op mode being introduced in Gears 5. You and two other friends purposely get captured by the Swarm to enter the enemy’s Hive to destroy it. As you make your way through the Hive, a poisonous gas comes in closer urging you to complete the map as fast as possible. Ammo and weapons are scarce too, so you have to make sure every shot counts.

There are two achievements here that will probably get you and your friends a bit of trouble. The first is “Master of my Domain” worth 25 points, which asks you to complete an Escape Hive on each difficulty. This may not be too difficult at first, but harder difficulties, such as the Master difficulty, may give you some trouble. If you want to kill two achievements with one stone, you can attempt to complete am Escape Hive on Master difficulty without firing a single shot to get the achievement “Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight” which is also worth 25 points.

Horde Achievements

The achievements for Horde mode are also pretty standard for a Gears game, as well as grindy. In terms of difficulty, the achievement “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” which is worth 25 points, has to be the hardest one to attain as you have to beat 50 consecutive waves. However, you can complete this achievement on any difficulty, so if you’re just in it for the points, you can unlock it on the game’s easiest difficulty.

Two of the more grindy achievements ask to reach level 15 with every COG character. Titled “Compulsive Horder,” you must reach level 15 with Kait, JD, Del, Marcus, Fahz, and Jack. There is a separate achievement to just level one of these characters to level 15 earning 10 points to your gamerscore.

Versus Achievements

The versus achievements list the shortest of the bunch and is potentially the easiest to complete depending on your skills as a Gears player. You will get achievements for just playing a game of Arcade and completing placement matches for a Ranked Playlist.

However, there are some achievements for Versus that may give you a bit of trouble. For example, the “One Sec, I’ll Be Right Back” achievement worth 10 points wants you to switch characters in the middle of an Arcade match and kill the opponent who previously killed you. While that isn’t too difficult, it may be better to earn it naturally rather than specifically gunning for a single person in a match.

Gears 5 Achievement List | Progression and other achievements

Gears 5 Achievement List

The last bit of achievements listed deal with your progression throughout Gears 5. Like some of the other lists, this is definitely filled with grindy achievements that will take some time to unlock. This includes all the achievements pertaining to your rank in Tour of Duty, as well as leveling in Gears Allies.

This list also contains the hardest achievements in the game. Worth a whopping 100 points, the “Seriously 5.0 – Chapter 1” achievement wants you to complete the campaign on Insane difficulty, get 20 re-ups, reach General rank in a Tour of Duty, and “master” Horde and Escape launch maps and characters.