E3 2016: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Is More Powerful Than Ever


Dragon Ball Xenoverse delivered an immersive Dragon Ball experience back in 2015 and Xenoverse 2 is set to improve upon it. The newest installment of the game is vastly enhanced with many features being added as a product of fan feedback to the first game. You will still be able to create your own character with five different races to choose from and interact with other players online or play through the story campaign with them. During the demo I saw at E3, the new hub Conton City shows how much larger the open-world environments were. Players will also have access to other hub cities like Frieza’s spaceship and Planet Namek.

One of the most notable improvements to gameplay is having the ability to fly while inside a hub city whenever you want. Along with the new traversal mechanics, you will also have access to various vehicles including hoverboards. Hub cities will be able to hold up to 300 players at all times so you’ll have plenty of people to interact with online at all times. There will also be plenty of special community events, tournaments, free updates, and downloadable content after the game launches.

During the demonstration of the battle mechanics, I got to witness a fight between Turles and Future Gohan. Everything ran smoothly at 1080p and the graphics from the characters to the world around the fight had significantly enhanced detail than the previous Xenoverse game. One of the coolest parts of the fight was when Future Gohan drove Turles into the water, giving us the chance to see some underwater fighting action which did not affect the frame-rate at all.

The combat has not been completely changed, but there have been improvements to the targeting system and some other abilities players have at their disposal. Teleportation has become far more effective when executing combos or escaping attacks, and stamina breaks now help charge combos for your character. Many of the (power) attacks now have an arc to them instead of moving in a perfectly straight line, so that they look more the way they do in the anime.

Xenoverse 2 has improved upon the original game as far as fixing issues with combat and also adding features that make the game more enjoyable for returning players. It is set to release by the end of 2016

for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. ​