Join GameRevolution’s Destiny 2 Clan!

Throughout our coverage of Destiny 2, one question keeps popping up: will there be a GameRevolution Destiny 2 clan? The answer to this question is yes, there absolutely will be a GameRevolution Destiny 2 clan, it’s open to all of our lovely readers and you can actually join it right now.

The Destiny 2 clan features have yet to be activated by Bungie, though the developer has stated that they will be brought online a few days after its launch. In the meantime, you can still head over to, sign in with your PSN / Xbox Live / username and join the GR clan.


No restrictions are currently in place for those who want to join (we’ll see how long that lasts…) so if you want to be part of an active team of players and unlock rewards during your Destiny 2 play sessions, then go right ahead and do so. There are currently rewards for clans who fight in the Crucible together and who complete the Nightfall strike, with a Trial of Osiris and Raid reward being made available when both events go live later this month.

Even if you’re more of a solo player, or don’t necessarily want to play alongside your fellow GR readers, then joining GameRevolution’s Destiny 2 clan is still a great way of bagging yourself some rewards. With them being made available to everyone who’s part of the clan, as long as some members group up and take on these events, these rewards will unlock for everybody else, too.

We’ll be posting news of clan events on both its chat channel and in the clan’s brand new forum thread, which will also give you folks a place to talk about your adventures alongside your GR brothers and sisters, along with organizing play sessions among yourself. Good luck, GRuardians!

Join the GameRevolution Destiny 2 clan

Take part in the GameRevolution clan forum thread